Niulang And Zhinu Review: RTP 96.32% (Ainsworth)

You must be looking for the Niulang and Zhinu review. Chinese folk tales continue to inspire slot developers, and Ainsworth is one of the few who has come up with something unique to base their game on. 

This slot  is a game based on the Chinese folktale The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl, a love story regarded as one of the best in Chinese folklore. It’s a fantastic premise for a slot machine, especially if done correctly.

A Brief of Niulang And Zhinu Review

There’s nothing special about Niulang and Zhinu being turned into a game with 5×3 reels and 25 win lines. When you consider its excellent rewards of up to 6,000x, as well as its 96.32% RTP, we are confident you’ll feel differently. 

On the other hand, it was designed with medium to high volatility in mind, so it’s not the most user-friendly slot. The game’s best features include free spins, wilds, and scatters. For those of you who are adventurous, it’s time to play at situs slot gacor hari ini.

1. Betting and Rewards

That’s pretty much it. You have a Total Bet setting that you can change as needed. The smallest bet allowed is $1, and the maximum bet allowed is $20. Whatever bet you choose, the game provides you with 25 active lines.

In this new slot machine, jackpots of up to 6,000x ($120,000) have been mentioned, which is entirely possible and quite appealing as a target. When a game pays that much, the risk is usually higher as well, and Niulang and Zhinu are no exception. 

Its case specifies Medium-High volatility, indicating that while it will not be the most punishing game available, it will not be a pleasant experience for everyone.

Finally, we’d say we are pleased with the announced RTP of 96.32%, which is a good figure for a slot machine.

2. Slot Features

Excluding feature triggers, the Wild symbol is properly marked with its own green and gold logo and will substitute for most symbols (Quad Shot and scatter). 

However, it will only do so from the last three reels, so you must already have a part of the combo formed before it gets involved. Furthermore, this symbol will not provide you with any direct wins.

The scatter symbol in Niulang and Zhinu will be the couple shown together under the image of a Full Moon. This one can appear on any of the reels, and it’s particularly useful if it appears on at least three of them. 

When three, four, or five scatter symbols appear in a single spin, you will be awarded 10, 15, or 25 free games, respectively. The wild symbol will only appear on reel 5 during the free spins. When two or more scatters appear, an additional five free spins will be added to the total.

The Quad Shot is the final feature of the game. This is a border that encircles specific symbols. Form a winning combo of 5 symbols, one of which is a Quad Shot, and you can win one of the fixed jackpots, depending on which symbols are included and whether there is a wild present. The Major Jackpot, worth $8,000, is the best.

3. Theme and Design

It’s the classic tale of forbidden love found in many cultures, including Chinese folklore such as The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl. The story’s two main characters, Niulang and Zhinu, appear as symbols on the game’s reels, alongside more traditional options like temples, birds, and cherry blossoms. 

Unfortunately, the Royals, who are low-quality symbols with no real connection to the theme, do not help the design much. They used an image of the couple (scatter) and the Wild logo for the two feature symbols.

Final Thoughts

This game does a few things well, most of which are related to the game’s potential, the unique story it tells, and the design quality in the areas where Ainsworth put effort in. They didn’t go to that much trouble everywhere, and we are not a fan of the Royals, who were copied from other slots.

In the end of Niulang and Zhinu review, we are not a huge fan of their features in this game, especially since the Quad Shot doesn’t add much to the action. If you prefer higher volatility slots, however, the payouts of this game appear to be quite appealing.

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